5 Benefits Of Aloe Vera, Including For Beauty

5 Benefits Of Aloe Vera, Including For Beauty

Benefit Aloevera for skin

Aloe Vera is a plant species with chewy fleshy leaves and thick from the genus Aloe. 
This plant is chronic, originating from the Arabian Peninsula, this plant is a wild plant that has spread to tropical climates, either semi-tropical, or dry in various parts of the world.

What are the Benefits of Aloe Vera for the face?

One of the properties of aloe vera for the face that has been widely known is to cure acne. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory content, so it is good for overcoming inflamed acne. To obtain its efficacy, you can apply aloe vera gel to acne-prone skin.

How to Wear Aloe Vera on Your Face?

This is a pure aloe vera mask
1. Prepare 1 stick of aloe vera and wash until completely clean.
2. Peel aloe vera and take the flesh of the fruit that is clear white.
3. Apply aloe vera meat evenly across the surface of your skin.
4. Wait a few minutes for aloe vera gel to seep into the skin.
5. Wash your face thoroughly.

Can you Wear Aloe Vera on your Face every day?

To get optimal results on aloe vera masks, use them every two or three days. 
If you have a sensitive skin type, then I recommend not to wear the mask immediately. 

Can you wear an aloe vera mask until morning?

You can wear an aloe vera mask at night and can rinse in the morning, and should be used in 2 times a day in 1 week 

How Long Can Aloe Vera Last?

If you peel fresh aloe vera meat to be inserted into the kulas then the most effective time or a maximum of about 10 days. Keep in mind the container used must also be a clean and airtight container. 

Here are the myriad benefits that exist in aloe vera:

#Overcoming Dry Skin or Rough Skin

Dry skin is a problem that occurs when the top layer of skin (epidermis) does not have enough moisture. 

As a result, the skin looks like scaly, peeling, until it cracks. In medical terms, dry skin is also called xerosis.
The trick is to apply aloe vera to the skin, because in aloe vera contains ineral, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E that are good to strengthen the protective layer of the skin so that it can make the skin become more moist.

#Overcoming acne that is controlling

Overcoming acne that is controlling

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles are clogged with oil and skin cells die.

Acne is most common in teenagers and young adults.
Symptoms ranging from blackheads to pus acne or large bumps, redness, and soft.

Handling in the form of creams and cleaning is sold freely, as well as prescription antibiotics.
According to the researchers that applying aloe vera gel along with anti-acne drugs can reduce acne up to 35%.
Because aloe vera has salicylic acid content and other antiseptic compounds that are able to kill bacteria against acne.

#Accelerate wound healing

Accelerate wound healing

If you experience damage to your skin or internal tissues caused by sunlight, hot liquids, fire, electricity, or chemicals.

Many studies recommend applying aloe vera gel on the skin due to minor burns (even researchers find that aloe vera gel is more effective than ointments prescribed for mild burns).

#Relieves itching and chronic rashes

Relieves itching and chronic rashes

Itching is an annoying disease yes, therefore you do not have to scratch if you feel less itchy because it can cause irritation.

Itching can be caused by things outside of the disease. Examples include hair regrowth, sunburn, insect bites, dry skin, or wound healing.

Some chronic diseases caused by inflammation can cause itching in the skin and mouth. It can certainly interfere with eating, drinking, and general comfort.
According to research, using mouthwash containing aloe vera gel 3 times a day for 3 months can help reduce itching and rashes in the mouth. The same efficacy can also be obtained if aloe vera gel is applied twice a day for 2 months on the skin.

#Helps restore herpes

Helps restore herpes

Herpes is a disease characterized by the appearance of blisters on the skin redness and contains fluid. Herpes is included in long-term illness. The virus can last a lifetime in a person's body.

Among the many herpes viruses, herpes simplex and shingles are the two diseases that have the most incidence. Various herpes and natural doctors can also relieve symptoms, even shorten the time of appearance.

Some studies show that creams with aloe vera extract can speed up wounds due to hervpes simplex. In addition to moisturizers, these benefits can be obtained because aloe vera has antiviral properties so it can help fight the herpes virus.

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